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About Varied / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Jennifer Cornelius34/Other/United States Groups :icondgraymanrpforever: DGraymanRPForever
New Era...New Generation...
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All the art, stamps, and photography of mine you can shake a stick at....:3

Random Favourites

All the stuff from others I like, love and drool over...from the nearly 900 people I watch..Oo

Stamps of the Hour

Interesting Stamps that make a damn point if you will....

In celebration of a LANDMARK Historical Decision to Legalize Gay Marriage across all 50 states on June 26, 2014

LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-RoseDA Stamp - Rainbow 01 by tppgraphicsTolerance by Dragonlady-Poho:Gay Rights: by Minty-HippoLove Stamp by Kezzi-RosePride Stamp by GoodiesForYou

It Must Have Taken a Long While by endlerReally, Fandumb Seriously Isn't Always It by endlerD. Gray Man Stamp by JustYoungHeroesAllen | D. Gray Man Stamp by JustYoungHeroes

Ingress Enlightened Button by BoboMagroto
Agent RaijiMagiwind; Cell AM01-KILO-02; Metro Detroit Region
Current Level: 8

-+-Raiji's Resin Army-+-

Rainbow Heart Divider by candy-raver
A brief overview of thy Dollfie the names to go to galleries and to learn more about them...:)

Icarus and Vesper by RaijiMagiwind
*Icarus with Vesper*

~The Skybound Warrior Alchemist/Magician; Order Bibliothecia Maska~
(LUTS Abadon- 1st Gen)
-He's the original Abadon mold, not the DOA 5th Anniversary (which I call 2nd Gen)
Arrival Date: January 29, 2010
Birthday: February 2 (Imbolc) -Aquarius

Tsuna At the Memorial Day Parade by RaijiMagiwind

~The Rockstar and Occult Enthusiast; Order Bibliothecia Maska -Partnered to Tiashe~
(LUTS Bory Boy)
Arrival Date: July 12, 2010
Birthday: August 1st (Lughnasadh) -Leo

Let's Fight... by RaijiMagiwind

~The Fullmetal Alchemist~
(DiM MnM Custom Head/Leekeworld L-Type Real Boy Body)
Arrival Date: 11-18-2010 (H), 2/24/2011 (B)
Birthday: February 3rd -Aquarius
Date of Importance to Character: 3.Oct.10 (11 in BH)

Angel or Demon? by RaijiMagiwind

-Glomps if you recognize the name and manga series it from...
~The Bookman Alchemist/Magician; Prince of Hell, Order Bibliothecia Maska -Partnered to Tsuna~
(LUTS Maska Elf Fullset- *Limited*)
Arrive Date: 6/1/2011
Birthday: December 1st -Sagittarius

Sleepy Little Lotus... by RaijiMagiwind
*Allen watches over Lotus*

~Exorcist (Status Frozen)-Parasite Type-; 14th/Musician (Noah)~
(DOC Hoo)
Arrival Date: 03/16/2012 (Shuto-con '12 Weekend)
Birthday: December 25th -Capricorn

Meet Amaimon... by RaijiMagiwind

~Portal Guardian Order Bibliothecia Maska; Crown Prince of Hell~
(Soom Bygg Fullset)
Arrive Date: 12/6/2012
Birthday: October 31 (Samhain) -Scorpio

Rainbow Heart Divider by candy-raver

Raiji's Other Places/DA Fangroups

My other accounts and a few places I hang out... Basically go by Raiji Magiwind everywhere or Raiji/RaijiMagiwind if asked who referred you...


--Pretty much go to my "Links" page to find my Myspace, FB, Cosspace, etc and so on...
Under my Links area is also a more complete list of other sites I visit as well outside of the one listed below...

I have a lot more then whats listed here that I am a member of...particularly the fan clubs....go look though my "Fanclub Memberships" section of my personal website/page: Lunar Pandora Studios for the most complete and likely up to date list of well as more websites I visit...

-Sonny's Shadows (Formerly Sidekicks) Official Member #8 | Michigan Commander: Youmacon Division


:iconthe-dollfie-alliance: :icondgraymanrpforever: :iconouranhighhostclubdp: :icondgray-man-cosplay: :iconotakufantardsda: :iconhogwartsacademy4ww: :iconletsgosoulresonance: :iconcosplay4everyone:

Rebooting of Old DGM RP Group- Open Enrollment

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 8:38 PM
First off.... OMG....Raiji posting TWO journals within 24 hours.., its a miracle I tell ya... or she's REALLY bored.....

Anywho... to the point of this Journal....

For those who remember D. Grayman RP Forever RP.... I AM REOPENING THE DOORS!!! For those who don't, here's a chance to jump in....
I pretty much cleaned house and will start off as the only Admin, but will consider new admins to fill rolls as I see fit to take the helm....

You can find the group itself below:

The NEW Chatroom for the group is:  DGraymanRPFEReboot

The HUGE side bar "BOOKMAN'S NOTERY" literally holds the list to ALL the MAJOR journals and stuff you scan through to start your journey with us...including the rules, which MUST be read, as somewhere within, if the 'Code word' that needs to be put in to the message box when joining the group side...

~~The Story~~
Approximately a hundred years have passed since the events in the anime and the manga series, and it's now the 20th century. The Black Order is still around and slowly growing and rebuilding, but so are the Noah Clan and the Millennium Earl's followers. Here a new generation of characters are taking the field and fighting the ongoing battle as either one of God Apostles, carriers of Innocence; or as a member of the Noah Clan and wielders of the equally powerful Dark Matter. There are currently three known types of Innocence; Parasite, Equipment and Crystal. As for the Noah, many of the original Family have begun to or have reincarnated into new forms and some with similar personalities, others totally different, including Lord Millennium himself undergoing a major change.

But with the new era has come changes in the face of the battle that has been fought for so long between these two sides. The Black Order has had its changes and new growth among it; but so has the Noah Family, in the form of "New Noah", new Noah clansmen being awakened by the Noah genes that are said to lie dormant in us all. These new Noah, bring new strength and power to the Noah, but do also bring about the question of what the extent of the power of the Noah is. Of course with the new era, many questions in regards to the evolution of even Innocence and Dark Matter could also be questioned.

These New Noah are humans with weird abilities, and are a bit more hefty then a regular human... kinda think humans tainted by Dark Matter to a point in some form they have obtained weird powers or almost something like a kind of 'Dark Innocence'... Suffice to say they a bit hardier then a lower level Akuma, but hella more dangerous. Of course they no where near as powerful as the 'True' Noah (Original 13 and the 14th). It seems likely they have gifts tied to or in similar vein's to the Noah who's Dark Matter has tainted them or tainted the object they have become 'attached' to.

Only time shall tell...but which side of the will you fight for? Shall you walk through the gates of the Black Order? Or will Join the rank of the Earl and his Followers? Choose wisely, for once you start your path, there will be no turning back...

  • Mood: Triumph
  • Watching: Catching up on anime...


RaijiMagiwind's Profile Picture
Jennifer Cornelius
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Photo courtesy of Cozy Snausages Kealoha --
A teaser of my Allen shoot at the November Yates Cider Mill meet of the SE Michigan Cosplay Photography FB Group

Real World Side: 34 -Female

The Dossier:
My passions include anime, manga, drawing, the Occult, reading, writing, GFX stuffs (Sigs, Avatars, Wallpapers, Banners, etc), and video games. I’m also a avid role player and cosplayer! I am also a Homestuck (and no, I'm NOT one of the 'crazy ones'). I currently do Karkat, though plan to add Sollux, Kankri and Gamzee eventually, maybe others....

I am the semi famous Philemon, and runner of the Dark Hour gathering at a few conventions. I am also the one you may have heard refered to around Midwest cons, and AWA or Otakon as the "Edception Edward", because of the fact I cosplay Ed with a BJD version of myself (Edward) in tow.

Come see me at handle -- Raiji Magiwind
My favs would likely fill a small novel, so IM me and chat with me!! I also have Skype!

Skype: raijimagiwind

To my fellow Homestuck's, feel free to come 'pester' me.
Pesterchum: overloadAlchemist
MSPA Forums: Raiji Magiwind
MSPARP Forums: Raiji Magiwind

I do two OC based characters, Raikaa (a hybrid character, bio in progress), and Magnus (my fan troll, HIS BIO). I also will RP canon as well. I tend to mainly do Karkat and Sollux. I will usually RP anything within reason of sorts...any ship (if you seek that), any quadrant.

My DA RP Alt (Homestuck Related) is: :iconbloodbounddoom:
-Its a Dual Wield Account, covering both Karkat Vantas and Sollux Captor.

I’m a fanartist, as well as original works I also do a variety of GFX stuff. Photography is another, I also hit several cons..I am also a Ranger, a Greedling and a Skirt...among others...See my website for more details....
The tools of my trade are many...

Is a collector and photographer of BJD’s. I am Raiji Magiwind on Den of Angels. I currently own three LUTS boys, a Bory, an Abadon and a Maska Elf; named Tsuna, Icarus and Tiashe. I also own a Edward Elric DiM MnM Head on a Leekeworld body, a Dream of Doll Hoo named Allen Walker and a Soom Bygg named Amaimon.

Owner of the DA Groups
--The Dollfie Alliance


"Retired" Staff Of:
--FreeBleach RP


--deviantWEAR sizing preference: L-Pants, XL- Shirts...woman's or men's I'm not picky
--Print preference: I usually like Matte 8x10's if available. If not smaller sizes...
--Favorite genre of music: Anything TBH, though I seem to enjoy Soundtracks, J-Rock/Pop, House/Techno and Tribal
--Operating System: HP Envy 15 w/Touchscreeen- Windows 8.1 OS (Yes the ol' Dell finally went to laptop heaven)
--Personal Quote: "Live, Love, Laugh and each moment as if your last..."




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