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About Varied / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Jennifer Cornelius33/Female/United States Groups :iconthe-dollfie-alliance: The-Dollfie-Alliance
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All the art, stamps, and photography of mine you can shake a stick at....:3

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All the stuff from others I like, love and drool over...from the nearly 900 people I watch..Oo

-+-Raiji's Resin Army-+-

Rainbow Heart Divider by candy-raver
A brief overview of thy Dollfie the names to go to galleries and to learn more about them...:)

Icarus and Vesper by RaijiMagiwind
*Icarus with Vesper*

~The Skybound Warrior Alchemist/Magician; Order Bibliothecia Maska~
(LUTS Abadon- 1st Gen)
-He's the original Abadon mold, not the DOA 5th Anniversary (which I call 2nd Gen)
Arrival Date: January 29, 2010
Birthday: February 2 (Imbolc) -Aquarius

Tsuna At the Memorial Day Parade by RaijiMagiwind

~The Rockstar and Occult Enthusiast; Order Bibliothecia Maska -Partnered to Tiashe~
(LUTS Bory Boy)
Arrival Date: July 12, 2010
Birthday: August 1st (Lughnasadh) -Leo

Let's Fight... by RaijiMagiwind

~The Fullmetal Alchemist~
(DiM MnM Custom Head/Leekeworld L-Type Real Boy Body)
Arrival Date: 11-18-2010 (H), 2/24/2011 (B)
Birthday: February 3rd -Aquarius
Date of Importance to Character: 3.Oct.10 (11 in BH)

Angel or Demon? by RaijiMagiwind

-Glomps if you recognize the name and manga series it from...
~The Bookman Alchemist/Magician; Prince of Hell, Order Bibliothecia Maska -Partnered to Tsuna~
(LUTS Maska Elf Fullset- *Limited*)
Arrive Date: 6/1/2011
Birthday: December 1st -Sagittarius

Sleepy Little Lotus... by RaijiMagiwind
*Allen watches over Lotus*

~Exorcist (Status Frozen)-Parasite Type-; 14th/Musician (Noah)~
(DOC Hoo)
Arrival Date: 03/16/2012 (Shuto-con '12 Weekend)
Birthday: December 25th -Capricorn

Meet Amaimon... by RaijiMagiwind

~Portal Guardian Order Bibliothecia Maska; Crown Prince of Hell~
(Soom Bygg Fullset)
Arrive Date: 12/6/2012
Birthday: October 31 (Samhain) -Scorpio

Rainbow Heart Divider by candy-raver

Raiji's Other Places/DA Fangroups

My other accounts and a few places I hang out... Basically go by Raiji Magiwind everywhere or Raiji/RaijiMagiwind if asked who referred you...


--Pretty much go to my "Links" page to find my Myspace, FB, Cosspace, etc and so on...
Under my Links area is also a more complete list of other sites I visit as well outside of the one listed below...

I have a lot more then whats listed here that I am a member of...particularly the fan clubs....go look though my "Fanclub Memberships" section of my personal website/page: Lunar Pandora Studios for the most complete and likely up to date list of well as more websites I visit...

-Sonny's Shadows (Formerly Sidekicks) Official Member #8 | Michigan Commander: Youmacon Division
(IOW, I'm the chick you talk to in relation to fan held stuff for Sonny Strait or the Shadows for the Michigan area. In turn I then discuss this stuff with the Shadows Commanders Shannon, Corri and our beloved Sonny. This can include dinners, gifts and other stuff. I would also direct new members to the fanclub website and so on...


:iconthe-dollfie-alliance: :icondgraymanrpforever: :iconouranhighhostclubdp: :iconcosplayers-alliance: :icondgray-man-cosplay: :iconotakufantardsda: :iconhogwartsacademy4ww: :iconletsgosoulresonance:

That's It...Mostly Done With DA...

Journal Entry: Wed May 21, 2014, 7:22 PM

This Artist's Page/Gallery is registered officially under a Creative Commons License. Please visit the link above to review license. Also adhere to specific rules set in description for all works. Thank you!

Yes folks, that's right....after all these years, I will be pretty much moving most of my art offsite as far as posting. As it seems I currently have a trolling dick munch of an asswad whom keeps reporting my work of recent...

Over the course of a week, I have had nearly 5 pieces removed (ALL PROPERLY TAGGED AND LABELED MATURE), along with a journal entry (Yes a GORRAM journal post!!!), all reported I would assume by the same person, who seems to have no better thing to do in life other then be a complete dick to others.

Will I be leaving DA itself? No. I will strictly be staying to maintain the communities I currently Admin or assist in and for the DA chats I run in, as well as the many groups I hang out in.

But within the next two weeks or so, I will begin saving all work I have uploaded here and then removing it, so if there's something you like, I suggest you save it or note me as to what it is and I can send you a copy.

I will keep some stuff up such as some photography (stuff with my BJD's, etc), the stuff I have done for the Risembool Rangers and the like, but most of my work is likely going to to be shuttled off to my other places, such as Dreamwidth, resurrecting my old Livejournal, Tumblr, Y-Gallery and various other places.

On these places, I can post more of my work, including more of my risque stuff (aka Mature stuff), my graphic work (banners, wallpapers and such) and various other things that here on DA seem to be met with distaste. 

Personally overall, DA SERIOUSLY needs to overhaul there whole terms and other crap regarding "Mature Content". You allow some shit, don't allow others, and then meanwhile we aren't even going to sit and take on the time bomb of death that is the debate of what's the difference between STRAIGHT FUCKING PORN and TRUE FUCKING ARTISTIC NUDE....

I will still post limited stuff up here, possibly more of my photography most likely, since that about all that's left of what I do creative wise that doesn't involve 'mature content' or something else DA feels is not worthy of there site.

The saddest part of this all? I have been here for over TEN YEARS...TEN FUCKING YEARS as one of your first wave of Premium Members, then becoming a Beta Tester. And the thing is, this is the only really major active community out there for artists that allows submission of multiple art forms. Yet, you don't REALLY listen to your community of artists. Your polices regarding art, particularly with anything mature, is fucked six ways over and messed up to a point that it like... do you even really sit and research the stuff, or just do the delete hammer without truly investigating shit fully, instead of just going by the stuff posted to the reports you get. Seriously what is the GORRAM FUCKING point of having a MATURE CONTENT TAGGING SYSTEM, and the whole idea of the ability of being able to turn off or on a mature content filter, if mature content is still gonna get ass reamed?

Maybe its time to have DA set restrictions, where if the year of the birth posted to your account marks you as being under 18, then the mature content filter should auto be in place, and not be able to be the option to turn off till they reach 18. Any Mature content be tagged as such, and only if it is posted  without the tag in place should it be removed or at least have the artist notified that the material needs the tag. 

In the end DA needs to really work on deciding how they want to police there mature content policy. Need to SERIOUSLY start actually sitting and taking the time to really investigate the reports instead of just straight out deleting shit. I mean I have watched some of these douche asses who report shit of peoples do it because they have some beef or vendetta against the artist. I am FUCKING serious. 

But anyways....after this month, short of certain select material, you will likely find all new art, fictions, and so on in the following if you are on any of them, follow me there....

Please be aware, I DO post content that can be considered NSFW!!!

-Main Account:
-Cosplayer Ask Blog: askthecosplayeralchemist.tumbl…
-Ask Karkat Ask Blog: askkarkittykarkatvantas.tumblr…
-Official Tumblr for WBtB:





You can also go to:
If you go to the  "Links and Affiliates" Page, you can find all these links as well and find me on FB and other sites as well. 

The countdown to the start of the 'purge' of my gallery starts NOW....

  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: My Homestuck Collection on my HD...
  • Watching: Random shit on Netflix
  • Eating: Whatever is edible in the house...
  • Drinking: Water


Jennifer Cornelius
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Real World Side: 32 -Female

The Dossier:
My passions include anime, manga, drawing, the Occult, reading, writing, GFX stuffs (Sigs, Avatars, Wallpapers, Banners, etc), and video games. I’m also a avid role player and cosplayer! I am also a Homestuck (and no, I'm NOT one of the 'crazy ones'). I currently do Karkat, though plan to add Sollux, Kankri and Gamzee eventually, maybe others....

I am the semi famous Philemon, and runner of the Dark Hour gathering at a few conventions. I am also the one you may have heard refered to around Midwest cons, and AWA or Otakon as the "Edception Edward", because of the fact I cosplay Ed with a BJD version of myself (Edward) in tow.

Come see me at handle -- Raiji Magiwind
My favs would likely fill a small novel, so IM me and chat with me!! I also have Skype!
Skype: raijimagiwind
AIM: Raiji Magiwind
Yahoo: ISCmysticsaturn

To my fellow Homestuck's, feel free to come 'pester' me.
Pesterchum: overloadAlchemist
MSPA Forums: Raiji Magiwind
MSPARP Forums: Raiji Magiwind

I do also have two 'semi private' chats, both classed by me for RP 's on MSPARP for use for anything from G rated to NSFW RP, so if you wish to do a heavy RP, come pester me, and from there, I'll link to one of the rooms.
I do two OC based characters, Raikaa (a hybrid character, bio in progress), and Magnus (my fan troll, HIS BIO). I also will RP canon as well. I tend to mainly do Karkat and Sollux. I will usually RP anything within reason of sorts...any ship (if you seek that), any quadrant.

My DA RP Alt (Homestuck Related) is: :iconbloodbounddoom:
-Its a Dual Wield Account, covering both Karkat Vantas and Sollux Captor.

I’m a fanartist, as well as original works I also do a variety of GFX stuff. Photography is another, I also hit several cons..I am also a Ranger, a Greedling and a Skirt...among others...See my website for more details....
The tools of my trade are many...
Is a collector and photographer of BJD’s. I am Raiji Magiwind on Den of Angels. I currently own three LUTS boys, a Bory, an Abadon and a Maska Elf; named Tsuna, Icarus and Tiashe. I also own a Edward Elric DiM MnM Head on a Leekeworld body, a Dream of Doll Hoo named Allen Walker and a Soom Bygg named Amaimon.

Owner of the DA Groups
--The Dollfie Alliance
(Mod of chat; owner of group side)
--Cosplayer's Alliance


"Retired" Staff Of:
--FreeBleach RP


--deviantWEAR sizing preference: L-Pants, XL- Shirts...woman's or men's I'm not picky
--Print preference: I usually like Matte 8x10's if available. If not smaller sizes...
--Favorite genre of music: Anything TBH, though I seem to enjoy Soundtracks, J-Rock/Pop, House/Techno and Tribal
--Operating System: HP Envy 15 w/Touchscreeen- Windows 8.1 OS (Yes the ol' Dell finally went to laptop heaven)
--Personal Quote: "Live, Love, Laugh and each moment as if your last..."




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